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Personal / Friday, August 24th, 2018

As the title says – Hi, Hello, and Welcome! I’m so glad that you’ve joined me on my blog.

This is such an exciting time for me! I’ve been wanting to start this blog for a while. I’ve definitely needed an outlet to express myself and share the things that I love, especially within the past year or so. I moved to a new city about two years ago and the transition has been way more difficult than I thought. Meeting new people, finding places that I enjoy, and just interactions at work have been excruciating.

About a month ago, things began to change. I finally put my thoughts towards finding a new job – rebranding my resume, practicing cover letter skills -, I signed up for a mentorship program, and I started (thinking about) eating healthier. And then everything fell into place. One day I checked the job board at my job and saw that there was a position posted in another department that was absolutely perfect for me. I applied that evening, got an email to set up an interview the next day, interviewed on the third day, and accepted the job offer within one business week. And, finally and happily, I can say that I started my new job today!

Why am I sharing this? Because it’s been a big part of my story for the past few years. The past two years have been difficult – whether it’s because of my job situation, the transition of moving away from my hometown, or *big shock* my negative attitude. Yeah, I’ll admit it, I have one of those!

However, I am beginning to change that mindset. First step, signed up for a mentorship program to help me pursue something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Step two, kick ass at the job hunting process and score an awesome job. Now to step three, actually putting myself out there and sharing this blog with the world!

So, HEY! I’m Alana! I’m 26 years old and I live in Austin, TX with my husband, Jimmy, and our perfect pup, Stark. (Yes, Stark is a three year old puppy – he’s a mix between a beagle and a black lab and legit looks like a half grown lab puppy.) I love a lot of things in life – hockey (Go Penguins!), traveling, going to all the theme parks and riding all of the roller coasters (I’m looking at you, Disneyland), watching trashy reality TV shows, and spending time with my people. I live on a diet consisting of cupcakes, Diet Coke, and steak – oh, I guess I’m trying to change that diet at the moment. But that’s me!

I’m so glad that you’ve decided to join me here! I’m going to be sharing a lot on this blog, so get ready! Coming up soon I’ll be discussing a little more about my job situation, giving a recap of my most recent trip and my summer fun, and writing an appropriate About Me page. I really hope you’ll stick around to see what I have to share – and to see my web design skills improve drastically over the next few months.

I can’t wait to be friends with you!

Best Wishes (and Go Penguins!),

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  1. Hi! I love your opening, I think it’s awesome. I will definitely be using it for inspiration on my future blog, cause I have no idea how to start 😂. Good luck with this! 💕

    1. Thank you so much, Allison! I honestly didn’t know how to start either, but I just started writing one evening and it all came flowing out. I wish you all the best of luck while you’re starting out!

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