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ATX / Monday, September 24th, 2018

Something you need to know about me: I’m a homebody. I enjoy spending my off days at home, sitting on my couch with Stark. However, every now and then, I’ll get off the couch, put on real pants, and have some fun outside of the house. This past Saturday, Jimmy and I both left the house to have a date day in downtown Austin. The main reason to get out of the house was to attend The FOMO Factory, Austin’s first immersive art pop up. It’s basically an Instagrammers paradise, and I, being like every other millennial chick, am all about the Instagram trend! Let me tell you about our trip…

Our tickets were about $18/each. I had a 30% coupon, so I would budget about $25 per person when visiting. When you purchase your tickets online, you choose the day and time that you are going to visit. They only allow so many people in per hour. We chose a Saturday afternoon at 3pm. The biggest tip that I can give you when planning your day is to check and see what’s going on around town that day. If you are worried about parking and crowds, be sure to check football schedules, festival schedules, and convention schedules. (Shout out for listing everything that’s going on around town.) The FOMO Factory is located on the corner of 8th and Red River. We ate lunch at Pelon’s Tex Mex (AMAZING), but there are several restaurant options close by to the Factory. There are two paid parking lots right next door, so parking is very easy.

Before we walked in, we were asked to choose a nickname and fill out a name tag. Jimmy and I both have childhood nicknames: Buzz and Becca. We wore our name tags proudly throughout the visit.

As soon as we walked in, we were met with rainbow stairs and Third Eye Blind playing through the speakers. I knew I had arrived in my version of Heaven! At the top of the stairs, we were greeted with a “happy birthday” from one of the FOMO Factory girls. The room at the top of the stairs was filled with a large birthday cake, cupcake walls (again, my version of Heaven!), balloons on the floor, and a tassel wall. This was a very vibrant, colorful room and probably my favorite room in the Factory. Jimmy and I both took photos of us jumping out of the cake and I took a few in front of the tassel wall.

The next room had three separate walls. One was neon colored wall with a collage of random items. It took me a few minutes to realize that the wall of random-ness is actually an I-Spy game. The adjacent wall, which is a pretty blue teal color, has a list of everything posted on the wall and you can play I-Spy and see what you can find. The third wall is the scrabble wall! This wall has been a favorite on Instagram. I made sure to give a shout out to my blog and Jimmy got some great shots of me working on my design.

Then we entered into the third room, the school room. This room was very colorful and detailed! One wall was lined with colorful lockers – I made Jimmy take a Saved By the Bell inspired photo. He’s looking good in front of his locker and with his letter jacket hanging over his shoulder! The second wall is a lifesize MASH game. I loved it so much! The third wall was decorated with beautiful paper art, including paper planes. The fourth and final wall was a collage of neon school supplies. My favorite: the sign that said “Work Hard, Play Harder”. Life motto!

Making our way down the hall, we were greeted by an employee who showed us into the bubble bath. It was an actual bathroom (with the sink, tub, and toilet taken out) and filled with balloons that symbolized bubbles. These are my absolute FAVORITE pictures from the day!

After the bubbles, we made our way to the prom photo set up! It was a silver room decorated exactly like the old school homecoming and prom photo backdrops.

We made our way to the back patio. The patio was setup to resemble the school dance. There was a wall of cassette tapes (my favorite of all the walls) and lyrics painted on all of the walls. After taking a moment to bust some moves at the school dance, we walked down the confetti stairs (a must have in my next house) and found the playground, complete with see saw, swings, and free ice cream!

As cute at the playground was, this is where people started getting bunched up together and you had to wait for photos. But it was so much fun to swing for the first time in years!

The final room was the retail area, the Snapple wall, and a ball pit that resembled a pool. There was a line of about 10 people waiting to take their photo in the ball pit, so I skipped that photo. Instead, I crawled up the ladder of the sandcastle and snapped a photo. Everyone had placed their nickname name tag on the exit door, but we decided to keep ours as a souvenir.

Thoughts and Tips:
I would give The FOMO Factory 4 out of 5 stars (or, to stay on brand, cassette tapes). It was a fun experience. Everyone who worked there was extremely nice! The rooms were colorful, beautiful, and unique. And overall, it was something I’ve never done before and it was a fun way to spend an hour with my husband! However, the lighting in most of the rooms was pretty bad. For a place that is advertised specifically to Instagramers (I found out about it via an Instagram ad), the lighting could have been ten times better. Most of the photos could be edited well, but there were a few photos, specifically from the upstairs outside patio, that were very difficult to edit because of the lighting. It’s also a little overpriced. Our 30% off tickets were a good price, but I probably would have been a little disappointed if I had paid full price. Other than the lighting and the tiny bit overpriced, it was an amazing experience! Now I want to do a lot more of these experiences. Maybe one day I can actually be Insta-famous!

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  1. Oh my goodness, this place looks amazing!! And I love that “Saved by the Bell” shout out. Bummed to hear about the lighting especially for somewhere focused instagrammers but this is definitely been added to my bucket list!

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