Monday Hockey Thoughts | 2.25.19

Opinions / Monday, February 25th, 2019

Side note before we begin: I am in no way an expert at the game of ice hockey. I’ve been a fan for 9 years and have followed the Pittsburgh Penguins pretty heavily that whole time. I do not play the game nor am I familiar with a lot of players in the league. All that being said, I do have my thoughts and want to share them with you!

Happy Trade Deadline Day, everyone! Oh boy, all the folks on Twitter are hyped up on coffee and ready to unleash their opinions to the world. For me, I’m focusing more on what has happened in the league in the past 36ish hours. Let’s have a little Monday morning chat about the NHL.

Dallas Stars – Carolina Hurricanes – Pittsburgh Penguins

I know what you’re thinking – “Hold up, Alana. What do any of those teams have to do with one another?” Let me explain. The Stars and the Canes played each other on Saturday afternoon. I had very tentative plans to go see the game in Dallas, but ended up not being able to… which, thank God, because that was a rough game. Most of the time, I don’t get too upset about a Stars loss. I love them and they’re my second favorite team, but my heart isn’t all in on them winning or losing anything. But I did get upset about this loss because this win for the Hurricanes put them in a Wild Card spot. And guess who’s spot they took? Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it either. Those jerks. …but I do still want one of their t-shirts.

Those poor Stars. Saturday’s game was no good, but things started looking up with their two trades. I mean… Ben FREAKING Lovejoy came to Dallas! I love Ben Lovejoy and was so excited to see that trade made. Then Matt Zuccarello comes bursting in from the Rangers and me, along with every other Stars fan, is thinking HELL TO THE YES! We’re on our way to a good playoffs run! (Side note: I loved the short video the Stars posted of Zuccarello walking through the dressing room and saying hi to everyone. I have no idea why I like those types of short videos, but I love players interacting with each other off the ice and just being super cool people.) Zuccarello comes in – he scores, he gets an assist, the team overall is kicking ass! And then, I don’t know what happened because my NHL Gamecenter blacks out all the Dallas games, but he’s now injured and expected to miss four weeks. I seriously just want to hug every single member of the Stars family, rub their back while they’re crying, and tell them “It’s going to be okay” when it definitely might not be. I would love to see them make the playoffs (and also be able to grab tickets to a playoff game) – here’s hoping!

Lastly, my favorite team in the whole wide world, the Pittsburgh Penguins. Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it. I love them with all my heart and will always cheer for them, no matter if they’re doing well, they’re not doing well, or if the two best defenseman on the team get hurt in the same game. I have a feeling my presence in Pittsburgh in 18 DAYS will bring them luck when they meet up with Philadelphia again. LET’S GO PENS!

Arizona Coyotes vs Winnipeg Jets

Random, right? I’ll keep tabs on the Thrashers, I mean Jets, from time to time, but I don’t think I’ve ever watched a Coyotes game, unless they’re playing the Penguins. Anyway, I was having a not so great day yesterday and decided to pull out a coloring book and watch whatever game was currently on to lift my spirits. Jimmy also joined me to watch the second period. And that game was… kind of terrible? I really don’t know much about the Coyotes, except that their third jerseys are the shit and at the top of my wishlist, but they weren’t playing the best game ever. The Jets, who I have said for the least few years were coming for that Stanley Cup and would be hard to beat soon, weren’t doing much either, but their goalie most certainly did not show up for work that day. I can’t remember which goal it was – I think Arizona’s second or third – but he didn’t even move his arm to try and block the shot. With about a minute left in the 2nd period, after Arizona’s fourth goal was removed because a player had kicked it in by accident, Jimmy was mentioning how the Jets were having their asses handed to them during this game.  I decided to go to bed after the 2nd period, but I checked the score this morning and saw that the same stuff continued into the 3rd, with the Coyotes winning 4-1. Again, I only know the teams standings in the league, not much about their players or how their games have been this season, so this was purely a “I need something to watch tonight and I’m going to judge the shit out of it”.

Final Thoughts

  1. Go Penguins! All day, every day, no matter what.
  2. I continue to hate the Philadelphia Flyers with a passion and I’m ready to watch them get their asses kicked in Pittsburgh on March 17th.
  3. I’m pissed because the Carolina Hurricanes tooks the Pens playoff spot (for now – we’re coming back!), but I do love their antics this season and am trying to get my hands on one of the “Bunch of Jerks” t-shirts. (Hook a girl up, y’all!)
  4. The Dallas Stars… yeah. We’re going to give them hugs and hope for the best today. I really think that they can do it this season!
  5. I’m now in love with watching Arizona Coyotes’ home games because they play a coyote howling after the team scores and it’s my new favorite thing in the world.

Some short and sweet hockey thoughts for your Monday morning. Let me know if you have any thoughts on games that happened this weekend or the trade deadline happening today! Thank you for reading!

Happy Monday,


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