Favorite Moments of the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs

2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs / Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Happy Game 7 Day, y’all! It’s finally here – the last day of the Stanley Cup Final, playoffs, and the hockey season. While I am very sad to see it end, I think we all need just a tiny break from hockey. Oh, don’t worry! Within a few days, you’ll see me counting down the days until opening day on my Insta story.

For now, I want to share some of my favorite moments and stories from the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Pittsburgh Penguins | 13th Consecutive Trip to the Playoffs – League and Team Record

Before you can say “sweep”, I do want to give a big shout out to my team! Yes, they may have been swept in the first round, but at least they set a record for most consecutive trips to the playoffs. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next year in hopes that they can make it past first round next year! (Also, Happy Cup-iversary, Penguins – 2009 and 2016 Stanley Cup Champions!)

The Eastern Conference Sweep

Well, since we started things off by giving a shout out to a team that got swept, why don’t we keep the conversation going with the topic of the Great Eastern Conference Sweep! What was that craziness?? While there were two Eastern Conference sweeps in the first round (Tampa, what happened?!), I’m referring to the weird pattern that occured when the Islanders swept the Penguins, the Hurricanes swept the Islanders, and the Bruins swept the Hurricanes. Huh?? I seriously thought that the streak would continue and the Blues would sweep the Bruins, but I guess this great sweeping mystery only applies to the Eastern Conference.

Wild Card Madness | 2nd Round Appearances of Dallas, Carolina, Columbus, and Colorado

Another mystery of the playoffs – how did all the wild card spots make it to the second round? I am a big believer in never underestimating the underdog – St. Louis is proving that to us right now by playing in Game 7 of the Final tonight – but I could not even guess all four wild card spots would head to the second round. (We also know that I’m terrible at predicting ANYTHING – shout out to the Stanley Cup(cake) bracket!) I think all four of those teams played extremely well and held their own against the top ranked teams.

Whether they were wild cards or not, it was honestly just great to see some fresh faces in the playoffs! I love the Penguins, but I have gotten so bored with them playing the Capitals during every single playoff season. As much as I would love for my team to win every season, I really enjoy seeing new teams in the mix and the chance for different players to be able to be a part of the excitement.

Favorite Team: Carolina Hurricanes

Who wasn’t cheering for the Canes during the postseason?! We were already obsessed with those bunch of jerks and their Storm Surge during the regular season, and then they come into the playoffs and knock out the reigning Champs in the first round, sweep a team in the second round, and still fought very hard in the third round. I thought they were absolutely incredible during the regular season and I was definitely cheering for them to win it all this postseason. With this team, it’s not even about their skill level. I honestly think they did well because the team and the community has a lot of passion and a lot of excitement. While some thought the Storm Surge was silly, it’s honestly a great motivation tactic – let’s celebrate every single win, no matter how big or little. Those celebrations kept the team going, got the community involved, and got people talking, which any press is good press, am I right?

Favorite Player(s): All the Goalies

I seriously think that every single goalie that played during the playoffs are the MVP’s. Being a goalie is an extremely difficult position, which I think people don’t recognize enough, and these players need to be celebrated! I’m going to be a little biased and say that Ben Bishop of the Dallas Stars was my favorite goalie this postseason. Why? Did you watch the Stars games during the first and second round? If Bishop had not been working his ass off, they would have not made it past the first round. Hell, that might have been another sweep in the first round. He is so talented and works extremely hard to win for his team. Gosh, that game seven against St. Louis. I felt terrible for him because the rest of the team had not shown up that night, but he fought so hard to win for them. Ben Bishop should have been able to advance to the third round – Ben Bishop vs everyone for the Stanley Cup. I really hope he wins the Vezina Trophy this year!

Favorite Rally Towel (I had to!): St. Louis Blues

I got to attend my first playoffs game this season and one of the highlights was getting to own a rally towel! I don’t know – I’m one of those people who hates clutter, but I love sentimental clutter and swag, so of course rally towels are one of my favorite things. Plus, they get people excited, as silly as that sounds. It’s really fun to wave it in the air when your team scores and that makes for a pretty spectacular view (and picture). While I have the most basic of basic rally towels – a white towel with two logos – I think the St. Louis Blues win the award for Best Rally Towel this year. Their towels were shaped and designed like their home jerseys and featured a signature of one of the players. They did change them up during the Final, which I didn’t really care for, but I would have loved to have gotten my hands on one of those rally towels from an earlier game. Honorable mention goes to the San Jose Sharks and their neon color scheme towels.

Overall Thoughts

That’s my short and sweet list of things that I loved about the playoffs this year! I decided to write and publish this post before Game 7 because it honestly doesn’t matter to me who wins. (Although, I did tell a few people on Instagram that I would make Blues cupcakes if they won.) This final round has been very strange to me because it honestly has seemed like we’ve watched two different teams play each game. Neither team has been very consistent with the game play.

BUT. We’re not here to hear about my thoughts on game play. We’re here to talk about fun things! You’ll get to hear all about my thoughts on EVERY GAME because one of my summer activities will be watching every regular and postseason game of the Stanley Cup Champions. That’s right. If the Blues win, I get to watch them kill the Penguins at the March 16th game, AKA my very first home Penguins game. And I will get to watch that God awful game seven against the Stars in round two. But if the Bruins win, I’ll get to see all of their ups and downs. It will definitely be an exciting experiment and I hope you’ll enjoy being on this journey with me!

Thank you so much for reading about my favorite things and now I want to hear about your’s! Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite thing was about the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs! And who do you think will win tonight?!

Go Team!

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