About Me

Hello friends! My name is Alana (pronounced uh-lane-uh)! I’m a 26 year old Georgia native living in the Lone Star State. I was born and raised in a college town named Athens (Go Dawgs? I think that’s right.) and lived there until I moved to Austin in June 2016.

Photo Credit: Leslie West Photography 

I met my husband, Jimmy, in February 2013 via a dating website called OkCupid. Real talk: I think OkCupid is now a hookup app, or maybe all of those dating apps are hookup apps, but we used computers to set up our accounts, so that shows you how long ago we were in the dating game. Jimmy and I got engaged in May 2015 and were married just a few months later in November 2015.

We are the proud puppy parents to the best dog in the world, Stark. What can I say? Stark is the best. For the most part, he’s my shadow at home, unless he’s napping in our king size bed. Stark is named after the best superhero in the world, Iron Man. My goal in life is meet Robert Downey Jr, take a picture of him and Stark, and post the picture on Instagram with the caption “Stark and Stark”.

Since moving to Austin, I’ve become very interested in traveling. Before moving, I had only been on a plane once or twice and never really had any intentions of traveling. Now my family and friends at home joke that I’m a “jetsetter”, since I’m usually on a plane about every other month. My favorite place that I’ve visited (so far) is the Happiest Place on Earth (Disneyland, people). My dream trip is to visit Bora Bora and my number one bucket list item is to visit every arena in the NHL. So far, I’ve visited one – shout out to the Dallas Stars!

In my free time, I love to nap. Nope, that’s not a joke. I nap a lot. But I also enjoy reading, baking, writing, watching YouTube videos and crappy reality shows, crafting, and shopping. I’ve also been trying to embrace life in a new town. I know, it’s about time – I’ve been here for over two years and really haven’t given the place a chance until now. I enjoy visiting new restaurants, having the best intentions on trying new fitness classes, and going to movie parties at Alamo Drafthouse.

I laugh at all of my own jokes, so I hope you’ll laugh at them too!