Meet Alana

My name is Alana (pronounced uh-lane-uh) and I’m a 20-something Georgia native currently living in the Lone Star State. According to my 4 things tote bag, I love Stark (my dog), Diet Coke, The Simpsons, and the Pittsburgh Penguins – that about sums it up. I also love to bake cupcakes, read, travel, and laugh at my own jokes. I grew up in the wonderful SEC college football town of Athens, GA, but decided to make ice hockey the love of my life, instead of football. As my Twitter bio says, I’m a full time Pittsburgh Penguins fan and a part time Dallas Stars fan. I honestly love to go to any and all hockey games, no matter who is playing! (But you might not catch me in Philadelphia or DC any time soon.)

The Life of Alana

I classify The Life of Alana as a hockey lifestyle blog, where I can chat about hockey all day long and also incorporate my passion for the sport into my everyday. One day I’ll be posting about the trade deadline or the Playoffs, and the next day I’ll be chatting about different game day outfits or guides to traveling to the different hockey cities. I believe that the love that I, and many others, have for this sport doesn’t have to stop at the arena doors or save it just for hockey twitter – I want to bring it into all aspects of my life! I also know that there are people out there who are not fans of hockey, but want to support their friends, family, or significant others by being a part of the community. My lifestyle posts can help you find the perfect outfit and colors for a game or tell you what restaurant or museum you can hit up while you’re traveling for a game.

Whether you’re a hockey fan or the furthest thing from a hockey fan, I think that you can find something on The Life of Alana that will be useful and that you can enjoy!

Let’s Chat!

I love chatting and getting to know people, and the best way to do that is to follow me on social media!

Instagram: @life.of.alana | Twitter: @thelifeofalana