Game Experience – Stanley Cup Playoffs Edition | Dallas Stars

Dallas Stars, Hockey, Stanley Cup

One of the great things about living in Austin, TX is that I’m super close to the other major cities in Texas – 1.5 hours to San Antonio, 2 hours (on a good day) to Houston, and 3 hours to my favorite Texas city, Dallas. And yes, one of the reasons that Dallas is my […]

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Stanley Cup Playoffs 2019 | Stanley Cup(cake) Bracket

Dallas Stars, Hockey, Pittsburgh Penguins, Stanley Cup

It’s that time, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are here! Tomorrow, Wednesday April 10th, is the start of the playoff season! 16 teams are here and by the end of June, one will be the winner! This playoff season is extra special for me because 1) my super wonderful team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, are heading to […]

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A Southern Girl + Ice Hockey = Lots of Confused People

Hockey, Personal

I always get asked similar questions when I talk about my obsession with hockey: “Why hockey?” “How did a girl from Georgia get hooked on hockey? And how did you find the Pittsburgh Penguins?” “Oh, are you from Pittsburgh?” (I wish!) Because I’m constantly talking about my love for hockey and my favorite team in […]

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Favorites | September and October


How in the world are we halfway through October?! That realization just hit me this morning and I began freaking out! Time and to do lists are getting away from me and I hate that feeling! However, today (Sunday) I’m trying to catch up on a lot of things and get some serious work done. […]

October 16, 2018

Review | The FOMO Factory | Austin, TX


Something you need to know about me: I’m a homebody. I enjoy spending my off days at home, sitting on my couch with Stark. However, every now and then, I’ll get off the couch, put on real pants, and have some fun outside of the house. This past Saturday, Jimmy and I both left the […]

September 24, 2018

Hi! Hello! Welcome!


As the title says – Hi, Hello, and Welcome! I’m so glad that you’ve joined me on my blog. This is such an exciting time for me! I’ve been wanting to start this blog for a while. I’ve definitely needed an outlet to express myself and share the things that I love, especially within the […]

August 24, 2018